I’m so happy you have decided to take this

yoga journey with me!

I am designing these Yoga Collections to honor the needs of your full life and schedule. Every collection includes over an hour of modular yoga practices that are no longer than 15 minutes each. Depending on what your body and day require, you can practice the modules independently or in succession. I’ll offer you guidance along the way, and remember, you can ask questions and make suggestions in the comments.

My goal is that, by the end of each practice, you feel peaceful, strong and stress free!

… and maybe have had a good chuckle

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I'm so happy you're here!

As a first time yoga student at 50 years old and dealing with back problems, I had mixed expectations for my sessions. But then I met Betsy. She is a patient, dedicated yoga teacher with a spirited personality and a will to give her students all she has. Week after week she nudged me to develop and then safely extend the reach of my yoga practice. Not only did her teachings dramatically reduce my chronic back pain, but as a coach, she inspired me to keep going week after week. I feel lucky that I was able to develop my yoga practice with Betsy Kimmel.

- Jack Huntley